Readers write

Readers write

January 13, 1991


From: Jean S. Ewing


To our senators and representatives:

No war. Please vote no towar.

1. We cannot win.

2. We cannot afford it in money or in human life.

3. Environmentally, war would be a disaster to the entire planet.

So, I ask you to vote no to war.


From: Carl D. Roberts

Principal, EdgewoodHigh School

I take exception to Angela Gambill's Jan. 6 article, "Cafeteria mystery meat gives way to modern fare."

I thought the article presented a very negative view of the quality of the food and how that food is received by our students in the Harford County school system. Edgewood High School has one of the highest number of students, if not the highest, participating in the food service program.

This is because the ladies and gentleman who work in our kitchen doan outstanding job of preparing the food each day. Our level of student participation speaks well regarding student perception of "cafeteria" food.

In addition, Gambill's decision to quote a young man atEdgewood High School who did not have positive things to say about the food was, in my view, irresponsible. He did not feel that when he delivered his quote that it would be printed.

Unfortunately, he learned a lesson the hard way. I am sure that the next time he talks toa newspaper reporter he will be more careful answering the question.I agree with him. He should have not been quoted by Gambill.

I have enjoyed reading The Harford County Sun in the past and will continue to read it in the future.

I believe that in this case the job did not meet your normal standard. I appreciate your consideration of my opinion.

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