More Bad Weather Hits

January 13, 1991

For the third time this week, snow and ice closed area schools and businesses.

The storm Friday, which came from the gulf and began at3:15 a.m., dumped an additional three inches of snow on the county before changing to sleet and freezing rain late in the morning, said Larry Myers, weather observer.

"Warm air came in aloft and changed the snow," he said. "Rising temperatures and rain through the night Friday caused thick fog."

Monday's storm left about seven inches of snow on the ground. An ice storm compounded the county's weather woes Wednesday.

The Carroll County Public Schools have used the three snow days allotted for the currentschool year. Any additional days when school is canceled because ofinclement weather will have to be made up, day for day, at the end of the school year, said Superintendent R. Edward Shilling.

"If we get to a certain point where it's excessive, we could ask the state for a waiver," Shilling said. "We would have to meet certain qualifications and make some attempt to make the days up, though."

He said it has not been uncommon for Carroll students to have to make up a day or two at the end of the year because of snow days in recent years.

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