Key Assembly dates in 1991

January 13, 1991

Jan. 9 -- General Assembly convened; members were sworn in.

Jan. 16 -- Inauguration of governor and lieutenant governor at noon.

an. 16 -- Governor delivers State of the State address at noon. Final date for submission of executive orders reorganizing the executive branch of state government.

Jan. 22 -- Chief Judge delivers the State of the Judiciary address.

Jan. 28 -- Final date for governor to introduce the capital budget ++ bill -- 20th day.

Feb. 17 -- "Green Bag" appointments submitted by governor (see lexicon).

arch 4 -- 55th day: Final day for introduction of bills without suspension of rules. Budget bill reported to House floor by Appropriations Committee; House moves budget bill in 1991.

March 11 -- Budget bill reported to Senate floor by Budget and Taxation Committee.

March 19 -- Committee reporting courtesy date -- each chamber's committees to report their own bills by this date.

March 25 -- Each chamber to send to other chamber those bills it intends to pass favorably. Afterward they are subject to referral to Rules Committee.

April 1 -- Budget bill to be passed by both chambers by this date.

-#April 8 -- Adjournment "Sine Die."

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