Who's who, and how the process works Stanading committees of the General Assembly

January 13, 1991



James Building

Room 100

Annapolis, Md. 21401

Tel. 841-3690

The Budget and Taxation Committee considers legislation relating to state operating and capital budgets, including revenues and expenditures; supplementary appropriations; state and county bond authorizations; legislative budgetary procedures; taxation and property assessments; and proposals requiring significant expenditures. Committee consists of 13 members:

5+Laurence Levitan, D-Montgomery -- chairman

Barbara A. Hoffman D-Baltimore -- vice chairwoman

William H. Amoss, D-Harford

John A. Cade, R-Anne Arundel

Nathan C. Irby Jr., D-Baltimore

Julian L. Lapides, D-Baltimore

Nancy L. Murphy, D-Baltimore County

Lewis R. Riley, R-Wicomico

Ida G. Ruben, D-Montgomery

Charles H. Smelser, D-Carroll

Decatur W. Trotter, D-Prince George's

Albert R. Wynn, D-Prince George's

Thomas M. Yeager, D-Howard


James Building

Room 200

Annapolis, Md. 21401

Tel. 841-3661

The Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee considers legislation relating to agriculture and land preservation; natural resources; alcoholic beverages; mobile homes; elections; veterans and defense; education; fire prevention and safety; procurement; administrative law; state government reorganization and procedures; and business and occupational licensing and regulation (including health occupations). Eleven senators serve on this committee.

6,Clarence W. Blount, D-Baltimore -- chairman

Arthur Dorman, D-Prince George's -- vice chairman

Michael J. Collins, D-Baltimore County

C. Bernard Fowler, D-Calvert

Idamae Garrott, D-Montgomery

Larry E. Haines, R-Carroll

Paula C. Hollinger, D-Baltimore County

Gloria Lawlah, D-Prince George's

Christopher J. McCabe, R-Montgomery

American Joe Miedusiweski, D-Baltimore

Gerald W. Winegrad, D-Anne Arundel


James Building

Presidential Wing

Annapolis, Md. 21401

Tel. 841-3677

The Finance Committee considers legislation relating to banks and financial institutions; credit regulation and consumer financing; commercial law; economic and community development; insurance; horse racing; lottery and gambling; health; pensions and retirement; state personnel; social services; transportation; utility regulation; labor and employment; unemployment insurance; and worker's compensation. The committee has 11 members:

2Thomas P. O'Reilly, D-Prince George's -- chairman

James C. Simpson, D-Charles/St. Mary's -- vice chairman

Vernon Boozer, R-Baltimore County

Thomas L. Bromwell, D-Baltimore County

George W. Della Jr., D-Baltimore

John W. Derr, R-Frederick

Leo E. Green, D-Prince George's

John J. Hafer, R-Allegany

Patricia R. Sher, D-Montgomery

Michael J. Wagner, D-Anne Arundel

Larry Young, D-Baltimore


James Building

Room 300

Annapolis, Md. 21401

Tel. 841-3623

The Judicial Proceedings Committee considers legislation relating to legal aspects of alcoholic beverages; commercial law; consumer protection; corporations and associations; crimes and punishments; criminal and civil procedures; family law; judicial administration and court structure; juvenile justice; law enforcement officials; legal profession; legal rights and immunities; licensing and regulation (law enforcement only); real property; trusts, estates, and probate; constitutional amendments; equal rights and opportunities; ethics; and motor vehicles. Eleven senators serve on this committee.

Walter M. Baker, D-Eastern Shore -- chairman

Norman R. Stone Jr., D-Baltimore County -- vice chairman

Mary Boergers, D-Montgomery

Howard A. Denis, R-Montgomery

Habern W. Freeman Jr., D-Harford

Ralph M. Hughes, D-Baltimore

Philip C. Jimeno, D-Anne Arundel

Frederick C. Malkus Jr., D-Dorchester

Donald F. Munson, R-Washington

John A. Pica Jr., D-Baltimore

Janice Piccinini, D-Baltimore County



Lowe Building

Room 131

Annapolis, Md. 21401

Tel. 841-3407

The Appropriations Committee considers legislation relating to state operating and capital budgets, including revenues and expenditures; supplementary appropriations; state and county bond authorizations; legislative budgetary procedures; and state personnel and pensions.

Charles J. Ryan, D-Prince George's -- chairman

Howard P. Rawlings, D-Baltimore -- vice chairman

John C. Astle, D-Anne Arundel

R. Charles Avara, D-Baltimore

Joseph Bartenfelder, D-Baltimore County

Norman H. Conway, D-Eastern Shore

Ulysses Currie, D-Prince George's

Thomas E. Dewberry, D-Baltimore County

Richard N. Dixon, D-Carroll

John W. Douglass, D-Baltimore

George C. Edwards, R-Western Maryland

Robert L. Flanagan, R-Howard/Montgomery counties

Jennie M. Forehand, D-Montgomery

Peter Franchot, D-Montgomery

John G. Gary, R-Anne Arundel

Martha S. Klima, R-Baltimore County

Nancy K. Kopp, D-Montgomery

Timothy F. Maloney, D-Prince George's

James E. McClellan, D-Western Maryland

Ethel Murray, D-Eastern Shore

Richard A. Palumbo, D-Prince George's

Samuel I. "Sandy" Rosenberg, D-Baltimore

Richard Rynd, D-Baltimore County

John F. Slade III, D-Southern Maryland


Lowe Building

Room 141

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