Double Deco


January 13, 1991|By Yolanda Garfield

Two apartments were joined together to create this spectacular open-space master bedroom suite. The owners of a Roland Park apartment decorated in a comfortable, Southwestern motif were ready for something new, white and deco. When the apartment next door became available, they purchased it and asked Lynne Abrams, owner and president of Details Inc., for design help.

One of Ms. Abrams' greatest challenges was to incorporate an easy, streamlined flow between the two architecturally different units. Since white, natural shades and texture were major elements in the first unit, a similar concept was carried into the second unit through purity of materials, and an exaggeration of white. This understated elegance allows the artwork to speak for itself and carry the deco theme.

The sitting area, master bath and sleeping area represent approximately 1,200 square feet of white marble flooring with accents of dark verdi green granite. It is completely open, with only glass block and kneewalls to offer definition. "This creates different visuals," explains Ms. Abrams, "and keeps your eyes moving."

Strategically designed lines of vision, from tub to window, from window to mirror, allow the owners to enjoy Roland Park vistas in every season, and represent the final step in the transformation of two apartments into one.

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