From The Sun Jan. 13-19, 1841Jan. 13: A neglect in...


January 13, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 13-19, 1841

Jan. 13: A neglect in securing his front door caused a loss of some consideration to Capt. Cooper, corner of Ann and Fleet Streets on Monday night. Some thief entered and took from the room an over coat, some ladies shawls and candlesticks, &c.

Jan. 18: Two regiments of boys, from various parts of the city, commenced a regular battle with stones and brick-bats yesterday afternoon at the corner of Lee and Howard streets, which would probably have resulted in the death of some of them had not Squire Pennington and officer Redgraves arrived on the battle ground and put the two grand armies of young rascals to flight.

From The Sun Jan. 13-19, 1891

Jan. 13: The morgue erected on the corner of Lancaster and Pratt Streets, bordering the falls, will be handed over to the city authorities on Thursday afternoon by contractor James B. Yeatman.

Jan. 16: The planet Venus is a magnificent object in the morning twilight just now and can be seen with the unaided eye during nearly the whole day.

From The Sun Jan. 13-19, 1941

Jan. 16: The stork broke all laws of average at the University Hospital, according to hospital employes, when he deposited five sets of twins in the maternity wards there since Dec. 23. (The stork usually brings a set of twins about one in every hundred cases.)

Jan. 19: Governor and Mrs. O'Conor will leave here tomorrow for Washington to attend ceremonies preceding President Roosvelt's inauguration Monday.

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