What's a hall without a Rose?

January 12, 1991

Pete Rose Jr. says a recommendation by a special committee that could keep his father, Pete Rose, off the Hall of Fame ballot may mean double punishment.

"If they don't let him in the Hall of Fame, then there shouldn't be a Hall of Fame," Rose Jr., who played with the Orioles Class A team in Frederick last year, said Thursday night.

"I mean, he has the most hits of anyone in the history of the game and God knows how many other records. They're not putting him in there for being a good citizen. They're putting him in there for being a good baseball player."

An eligibility committee recommended Thursday that anyone on baseball's permanently ineligible list be barred from the Hall of Fame ballot. Action on the recommendation will be taken Feb. 4 at a meeting of the Hall's Board of Directors.

"He's paid his debt to society, and that's all he can do," the younger Rose said. "He's trying to get out and get on with his life. There's no doubt in my mind he'll get in the Hall of Fame."

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