Motta has reason for debacle 'It was all ugly,' Kings coach says

January 12, 1991

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Sacramento Kings coach Dick Motta had a simple answer to what turned out to be one of the worst defeats in National Basketball Association history.

"What went wrong? Shooting, passing, dribbling. It was all ugly," Motta said.

Only the Milwaukee Hawks 36 years ago scored fewer points in an NBA game than the Kings, 101-59 losers Thursday night against the Charlotte Hornets.

The Kings shot 29.7 percent, had two 12-point quarters and went 9 minutes, 16 seconds into the fourth quarter before scoring a basket in that period. The Kings made three field goals in the fourth quarter. Sacramento's 22 field goals was the fourth-lowest total in NBA history.

"I would have hated to see the lowest scoring game," Motta said.

The Milwaukee Hawks set the league futility record in a 62-57 loss to Boston on Feb. 27, 1955 at Providence.

The Kings' previous franchise low of 69 points -- set since the shot clock was introduced in the 1954-55 season -- was set by the Cincinnati Royals against Detroit on Jan. 10, 1959. The NBA does not recognize record lows set before adoption of the shot clock.

"I really wanted us to get to 60," Motta said. "That's why I called a late timeout. I told them to get to 60. We couldn't even do `` that."

Sacramento also set a franchise low for the first half with 27 points. It was the fourth straight loss for the Kings.

"I've never had a worse experience in the NBA," said Antoine Carr, who led the Kings with 21 points and 11 rebounds. "We've got to do whatever we can to make sure this never happens again.

"This team has got to look itself in the mirror. We can look like we did tonight or we can never let this happen again. I never want this to happen again in my NBA career."

"Since I have been here, we have not had a game like this," Charlotte coach Gene Littles said. "Our bench just kept scoring and Sacramento got frustrated."

Charlotte's starters outscored Sacramento's, 61-23.

"I just wanted the floor to open up so we could just disappear," Motta said.

Sacramento, which has scored only 225 points in its past three games, missed 11 consecutive shots during a 12-1 Hornets surge in the first quarter.

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