Dole's low road

January 11, 1991

The solemn congressional debate over war or peace in the Persian Gulf got off to an ugly start yesterday when Sen. Bob Dole injected partisanship into the discussion in a wholly gratuitous manner.

"The Republican strategy is to get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait," Dole said. "I fear some of the Democrats' strategy is to get Bush out of the White House."

The corollary to that statement would be this: "Bush wants to go to war in order to get reelected in 1992."

We know of no basis whatsoever for either statement, and if Dole does have evidence that "some of the Democrats" have such a despicable "strategy," then he ought to name them. Otherwise, he gratuitously paints 56 members of the U.S. Senate as cynical partisans.

If he cannot name them, and back up his assertion with something other than sheer speculation, then Dole owes it to his colleagues to repudiate his words. If he doesn't, President Bush ought to repudiate Dole.

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