Agencies Aid Seniors With Repairs At Home

January 10, 1991|By William C. Ward | William C. Ward,Staff Writer

Several Anne Arundel County seniors will get help repairing and improving their homes this fall from the Home Builders Association of Maryland and the state Department on Aging.

The region-wide project, dubbed "Senior Housepitality," will provide free home improvements toeligible seniors.

Low-income senior homeowners often live in substandard and sometimes unhealthy conditions because repairs are too costly. Some seniorsare forced to sell their homes because of high maintenance costs andharassment by creditors.

"Senior Housepitality" is designed to help seniors keep their homes.

The home builders, a building industry advocacy group, and Department on Aging are recruiting volunteers to repair homes in the Baltimore metropolitan area, including Anne Arundel County.

According to Agnes Edwards, director of the Anne Arundel Department of Aging's County Administered Senior Opportunities and Services, houses will be selected for the program after field surveys.

Homeowners "must meet certain income guidelines. We're lookingfor homes in need of a variety of repairs -- minor and major," Edwards said.

The repairs will be performed during nine days in September, with a focus on improving safety, security, energy conservation and interior and exterior conditions.

In the next few months, the county Department on Aging will compile a list of 10 eligible homes. The list will be given to the county home builder's chapter, which will decide where to send its workers.

Department of Aging workers already are surveying homes. A large number of HBAM members are expected to take part in the project, which started in November at an association banquet in Baltimore.

"At some point we will work directly with the local HBAM," Edwards said. "It's at the top level now."

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