Schoolboy Assaulted By Pair Of Teen-agers

Police beat

January 10, 1991

An 11-year-old boy was assaulted last Thursday in the woods behind Old Mill Middle School North.

The boy told police that after his mother dropped him off behind the school building, two boys in their late teens came up to him and said, "Someone wants to see you in the woods. If you don't go and see him, he'll hurt you after school."

The boy told police he walked in the woods and one of the suspects told him to drop his pants. The boy said he refused, and one of thesuspects scratched his legs. The boy ran away and told his mother.


Three men tried to abduct a 10-year-old girl who was walking home from school in Ferndale Tuesday.

The girl told police she and a friend were walking home from Hilltop Elementary School. They separated at the corner of Eugenia and Baltimore avenues.

As the girl walked down Eugenia Avenue, she said adark green pick-up truck with three men inside pulled up next to her. One man got out and, without saying anything, began to walk toward her with his arms extended.

When the man got about 10 feet away, the girl said she screamed and ran toward her friend, who was standinga block away.

The girl told police the man had a small sharp object in his right hand. She said that when she started to run, the man took several big steps toward her, then returned to his truck.

The suspect was described as a white male, about 40 years old, between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-11, heavy-set with medium-length brown curly hair, a mustache and beard. He was wearing a greasy, red T-shirt, jeans andbrown work boots.


A 19-year-old woman was robbed of her jewelry Tuesday evening by a man at the corner of Frankle and 3rd streets in Brooklyn.

Michelle Lynn Hennessey, of the 400 block of Cambria Street in Baltimore, told police a man came up to her and demanded money. She said she didn't have any money, but the man demanded she remove her gloves.

The man took a gold ring and watch, punched her in the stomach and ran away.

Hennessey told police the suspect was "well-spoken," and that he didn't order her to remove her gloves, but requested it. "Would you please remove your gloves," she quoted him as saying.

She also said the man appeared neat and clean.

Police are looking for a black male, 20 to 25 years old, with a dark complexion, wearing black sweat pants and ablack ski jacket.


A Washington,D.C., woman and New Jersey man were arrested on drug charges Friday after their car was stopped for having expired license plates.

Rosalind White, 35, of the 4500 block of Colorado Avenue in Washington, and Nathan A. Rolle, 39, of the 1300 block of Lake Shore Drive in Camden, N.J., were charged with possession of cocaine and other drug-related offenses.

Police said an officer noticed the man holding an open bottle of wine between his legs after stopping the car on Whiskey Bottom Road, near Route 198. Officers reported finding marijuana and cocaine in the woman's purse and drug paraphernalia in the car.

White was charged with driving without current tags, possession of anopen alcoholic beverage in a car, possession of a controlled, dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Rolle was charged with possession of an open alcoholic beverage in a car and possession of cocaine.

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