* ''Awakenings'' Robert De Niro is an encephalitis victim...

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January 10, 1991|By Lou Cedrone

* ''Awakenings'' Robert De Niro is an encephalitis victim who returns to consciousness after 30 years. Robin Williams is the doctor who brings him back.

* ''Hidden Agenda'' An American, in Northern Ireland on a fact-finding assignment, is murdered by British intelligence agents. The victim's wife works to expose the killers. Frances McDormand stars.

* ''Lionheart'' Jean-Claude Van Damme goes A.W.O.L. from the French Foreign Legion to help his brother in Los Angeles.

* ''Not Without My Daughter'' Sally Field is the wife of a man who takes her to Iran for a visit. After they arrive, she is told that she will be allowed to return home but without her daughter. She refuses. Based on a true story.

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