January 09, 1991

The 1990 year-end summary of mutual fund performance in Sunday's Sun carried incorrect column headings. In the table, the column labeled 1987 represented the net asset value of each fund at the end of 1989. The column labeled 1988 represented the net asset value at the end of 1990. In addition, certain funds -- especially those that are not part of a family of funds -- may have appeared to have been omitted as a result of being improperly indented. In most cases those funds are listed under the heading of the family of funds that precedes them alphabetically. For instance, the Fenimore fund is listed, but it incorrectly appears under the Federated heading.

Also, the column headings for the right-hand page of New Yor Stock Exchange bonds dropped the volume heading and should have read, "Name, Volume, High, Low, Last, Change."

The Sun regrets the errors.

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