2 firms win Army helicopter contracts Westinghouse, Martin due $334 million

January 09, 1991|By Michelle Singletary | Michelle Singletary,Evening Sun Staff

A joint venture of Martin Marietta Corp. and Westinghouse Electric Corp. has received two U.S. Army contracts totaling $334.9 million for full-scale development of the LONGBOW helicopter targeting and missile system.

Martin Marietta Electronic Systems in Orlando, Fla., and Westinghouse Missile Systems Division in Baltimore are equal partners in the joint venture and they are to jointly produce the LONGBOW targeting and missile sub-systems.

Neither company could say at this point how many people will be working on the project.

The LONGBOW system combines a millimeter-wave, or high frequency, radar mounted above the main rotor mast of the nTC AH-64C LONGBOW/Apache helicopter and a millimeter-wave seeker in the nose of a Hellfire missile.

The U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command allocated $314.9 million for the system's radar. A separate $20 million contract for initial missile development was awarded by the U.S. Army Missile Command.

Martin and Westinghouse will evenly spit the labor and funding for the radar and missile work, according to company officials.

Both contracts are 51 months in duration. The next step after development will be a limited production run scheduled for 1995 followed by full-scale production, said a company official at Martin.

LONGBOW enables the Apache to detect and identify targets during day or night and despite poor weather, smoke, dust and haze, and to attack targets from stand-off ranges with pinpoint accuracy.

The army also plans to include LONGBOW on its future Light Helicopters.

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