Cocaine Is Seized At Hanover Hotel

Police beat

January 08, 1991

County police said they seized more than a pound of cocaine, with a street value of $34,000, from a hotel room in Hanover on Saturday.

Police charged Edgar H. Escobar, 24, of the 100 block Wert Avenue, Trenton, N.J., with possession of cocaine, being a "drug kingpin" and bringing cocaine into Maryland.

Police say they learned that Escobar had registered at the hotel under a false name and address.

Sgt. Ronald Bateman, head of the drug interdiction unit, said police did not know whether drugs were inthe hotel room, but he said the man was being watched because he fit a profile of a drug supplier.

Bateman said that drugs were not being sold from the hotel but that Escobar was using it as a stopover before delivering to local dealers. Police would not identify the hotel.

To register at the hotel, Escobar used a name listed in New Jersey as a shoplifting suspect, which Bateman said was enough to alert police. "It doesn't give us enough to go bust his door down, but it gives us enough to investigate further," he said.

After hours of surveillance, police said they spoke to Escobar, who granted permission for a search of the hotel room. "That's beyond you and me," Bateman said. "If you had that much dope in there, you wouldn't say, 'Come on in.' "

Police said they found 1.15 pounds of cocaine and $3,080. A charge of "drug kingpin" can be filed when someone is caught with more than a pound of narcotics -- a tip-off that the suspect could be supplying drugs to dealers.


A 17-year-old boy was charged with two counts of burglarly in connection with break-ins in Crofton and Gambrills.

Police said the boy confessed to burglaries at two homes, in the 2100 block Johns Hopkins Lane in Gambrills and in the 1600 block Eton Way, Crofton.

Police said the boy may be responsible for a series of burglaries in the area.

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