Guide to the legislature

January 08, 1991

Where to go

All sessions of the Maryland General Assembly are open to the public and visitors are welcome in the second-floor galleries of the House of Delegates and the Senate. Seating is free and unreserved, with no special passes needed.

For most of the 90-day session, the House and Senate convene at about 8 p.m. on Mondays and about 10 a.m. Tuesdays through Fridays.

House and Senate committee meetings usually are held about 1 p.m., after the full sessions.

Committee meetings usually are scheduled about two weeks in advance. Information on bills being heard is available at the information desk in the basement of the State House or at the information desk in the basement of the Legislative Services Building. Copies of bills are available in the bill room of the Legislative Services Building. People can have copies of bills mailed to them by calling information services. Those numbers, which can be called for other information purposes as well, are 841-3810 or 841-3886 from the Baltimore metropolitan area, or 858-3886 from the Washington metropolitan area.

The State House is open whenever the General Assembly is in session. Members of the public are not allowed on the floor of the House or Senate when either chamber is meeting.

Parking is available in garages at Calvert and West streets, and between Main and Duke of Gloucester streets. Parking also is available at the U.S. Naval Academy Stadium, where a shuttle bus takes visitors to the State House and downtown area.

Be aware of residential parking signs throughout Annapolis, where parking is limited to only a few hours.

Key dates

Significant events of the 1991 General Assembly session.

Jan. 9 (Wednesday)

General Assembly convenes at noon. Members sworn in.

Jan. 16 (Wednesday)

Inauguration of governor and lieutenant governor.

Jan. 18 (Friday)

Governor delivers state of the state address at noon.

Governor introduces the state budget.

Jan. 26 (Friday)

Chief Judge delivers state of judiciary address at noon.

Jan. 28 (Monday)

Final date for governor to introduce capital budget bill.

Feb. 15 (Monday)

"Green bag" appointments to be delivered by governor. This list of appointments to state boards and commissions traditionally is delivered to the General Assembly in a green bag.

March 4 (Monday)

Final day for introduction of bills. Any bills introduced after this day first must be referred to Rules Committee.

April 1 (Monday)

Deadline for passage of state budget by both chambers.

April 8 (Monday)

Assembly adjourns at midnight.

April 28 (Sunday)

Final day for bills to be presented to governor.

May 28 (Tuesday)

Deadline for governor to sign or veto bills.

July 1

Date most bills take effect.

Information, please . . .

Delegation offices can be helpful in providing information about legislative issues affecting Baltimore and the surrounding counties. Here are the delegation numbers:

Baltimore: 841-3255

Baltimore County: 841-3332

Anne Arundel County: 841-3209

Harford County: 841-3289

Howard County: 841-3205

Carroll County: 841-3371

While the session continues through April 8, the Maryland Department of Legislative Reference provides facts at 841-3810 or 841-3886. TDD for the deaf: 841-3814.

Frequently called offices

Governor of Maryland

William Donald Schaefer, 974-3901

President of the Senate

Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., 841-3700.

Speaker of the House

R. Clayton Mitchell Jr., 841-3800.

House Committees

Appropriations: 841-3407

Ways & Means: 841-3469

Environmental Matters: 841-3534

Constitutional and

Administrative Law: 841-3502

Judiciary: 841-3488

Economic Matters: 841-3519

Senate Committees

Budget & Taxation: 841-3690

Economic and Environmental Affairs: 841-3661

Finance: 841-3677

Judicial Proceedings: 841-3623

Legislators in the Baltimore metropolitan area

The following is a list of the names, party affiliations, office locations and direct dial telephone numbers for Baltimore-area legislators.

District 4 -- Howard, Carroll and Frederick counties

Sen. Charles H. Smelser, D, Room 100, 841-3704

Del. Thomas H. Hattery, D, Room 209, 841-3107

Del. George H. Littrell Jr., D, Room 209, 841-3107

Del. Donald B. Elliott, R, Room 306, 841-3371

District 5 -- Baltimore and Carroll counties

Sen. Larry E. Haines, R, Room 403, 841-3683

Del. Richard N. Dixon, D, Room 306, 841-3371

Del. Lawrence LaMotte, D, Room 209, 841-3109

Del. Richard Matthews, R, Room 306, 841-3371

District 6 -- Baltimore County

Sen. Michael J. Collins, D, Room 211, 841-3642

Del. Leslie Hutchinson, D, Room 303, 841-3332

Del. E. Farrell Maddox, D, Room 305, 841-3332

Del. Michael H. Weir, D, Room 303, 841-3384

District 7 -- Baltimore County

Sen. Norman R. Stone Jr., D, Room 216, 841-3587

Del. John S. Arnick, D, Room 121, 841-3488

Del. Louis L. DePazzo, D, Room 305, 841-3334

Del. Connie C. Galiazzo, D, Room 305, 841-3334

District 8 -- Baltimore County

Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell, D, Room 215, 841-3620

Del. Joseph Bartenfelder, D, Room 307, 841-3365

Del. Alfred W. Redmer Jr., D, Room 307, 841-3365

Del. James F. Ports, D, Room 307, 841-3365

District 9 -- Baltimore County

Sen. F. Vernon Boozer, R, Room 410, 841-3706

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