Baltimore Sun names 3 senior vice presidents

January 08, 1991

The Baltimore Sun named three current executives as senior vice presidents yesterday to serve as top aides to new publisher Michael J. Davies, who said the promotions were designed to create a more efficient senior management team.

Diana Zinda, 34, previously the newspapers' advertising director, was named senior vice president for advertising and marketing.

James Shaw, 41, chief financial officer of The Sun and The Evening Sun, was named senior vice president and business manager.

The company's finance, administration, plant and facilities, and suburban zone operations will report to him.

John Patinella, 43, the newspapers' circulation director, is now senior vice president for circulation and will assume responsibility for packaging operations.

"The three senior vice presidents and I plan to work . . . as a team," said Mr. Davies, who has been publisher of The Baltimore Sun for four months.

"No significant decision will be made without the knowledge and input from all three."

The publisher also announced the appointment of Sandra Gill as vice president for administration, reporting to Mr. Shaw. She will direct the information systems department, operations and human resources.

Mr. Davies said the management structure he inherited from former publisher Reg Murphy had been hampered by several resignations immediately before Mr. Davies came to The Baltimore Sun from the Hartford Courant.

"Almost two dozen senior managers have been reporting directly to me since I arrived here four months ago," Mr. Davies said. "While it was a good way for me to learn the operation, it was also an unrealistic table of organization."

Times Mirror Co., the Los Angeles-based parent company of The Sun and The Evening Sun, has acknowledged that the papers have been affected by an industrywide slump in advertising revenue and earnings during 1990.

However, Times Mirror does not provide information about the performance of individual newspapers in its chain.

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