Fumbles and follies

January 06, 1991|By Vito Stellino

Mellow Dan

Dan Reeves, the Denver Broncos coach who had the arteries to his heart unclogged during training camp, is having trouble keeping his temper.

The fans were angry at him for not letting Sammy Winder score a touchdown in Winder's final game Sunday. After he had the quarterback kneel to end the game, Reeves was heckled by a fan as he entered the locker room.

He yelled back at the fan: "I'll meet you any day. I'll meet you any day."

After two coaches dragged Reeves into the locker room, he said: "The guy challenged me. He said I had no guts. I told him I'd definitely meet him after the game. Nobody's going to challenge how tough I am. I'll tell you that."

Now you know why mellow Mike Ditka is one of Reeves' best friends.

Becoming a celebrity

Cody Carlson, the new quarterback of the Houston Oilers, who is a 29-year-old bachelor, was stunned Sunday night when he returned to his home with his girlfriend and found two women in a car who wanted to take his picture. He said he's uncomfortable being a celebrity.

"I hope I'd never be that way. I guess I just don't understand. I'm a regular guy. I just throw a football," he said.

He did pose, though.

"I stopped and then walked off. They had to be quick with that shutter," he said.

Borrowing a play

New Orleans Saints quarterback Steve Walsh said the 34-yard pass to Eric Martin that he threw to set up the game-winning field goal Monday night against the Los Angeles Rams was a play that he brought from Dallas and persuaded the Saints to put in their playbook.

"It's kind of ironic that a play that did in the Cowboys was one of their plays," he said.

It's even stranger that it was a simple crossing pattern over the middle. What does it say about the Saints' conservative offense that they didn't already have that play in their playbook?

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