Does The Irs Owe You?

January 06, 1991

The Internal Revenue Service and the Maryland State Comptroller's Office are looking for people who are owed 1989 federal or state tax refunds.

The U.S. Post Office returned 1,657 federal refund checks from Maryland and Washington residents and 1,443 state refund checks that were undeliverable.

Residents who have moved or changed their name and are expecting a refund check should call the IRS at (800) 829-1040 or the state at (301) 974-3701.

The following county residents are owed federal refunds: Kimberly A. Bowers of Manchester; Raymond Duvall Jr., Milissa M. Heckathorn, Robert L. Stonesifer and Vanessa I. Wilkingson of Westminster.

Those owed state refunds include: Kipton K. and Julianna C. Barkley, Cleva Houck and Taratha L. Thomas of Hampstead; Steven D. Allen, Elizabeth Babylon, John K. Masters, Karen L. Sheets and Robert L. Stonesifer of Westminster; Hannah J. Thomas and Alverda R. Roberts Jr. of Union Bridge; Dale E. Driggers and Veronica B. Riley of Taneytown.

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