Examiner Says No To Private Airstrip

January 06, 1991

A county zoning hearing examiner has recommended the county deny an Abingdon man's request for a special exception to create a private aircraft landing strip.

Michael J. Kozub, who owns a 113-acre agriculturally zoned parcel on Hookers Mill Road, said various types of aircrafts have been landing and taking off from his family's farm sincethe mid-1940s.

Kozub had asked the county to recognize the non-conforming airstrip and to grant a special exception to allow the landing and storage of private aircraft in an agricultural district. Kozub said he wanted to refine the airstrip to meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

But the Department of Planning and Zoning denied the request, saying the proposal was out of character with the neighborhood because of intense development along Route 24. The planning and zoning department also said Kozub had not met the requirements for a special exception.

L. A. Hinderhofer, the zoning hearing examiner, ruled the proposed airstrip is not consistent with the county's masterdevelopment plan and that an airstrip within the county's designatedgrowth area would have a severe effect on the neighborhood.

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