All In All, A Good Response


January 06, 1991|By Elizabeth Large

When we announced that we wanted to hear from readers about what they would do to make Baltimore better, I wasn't sure what we'd get. After all, we weren't offering to pay any money. Maybe no one would take the trouble to write in. Or maybe we would get a number of well-meaning, worthy suggestions that wouldn't make a very interesting cover story.

What we got was a nice balance of serious, inventive ideas and some off-the-wall ones. Naturally we also got our share from malcontents and misanthropes, but all in all, a good response.

I suppose I have to mention the two hawk-eyed readers who wrote to say that there is a cathedral on Cathedral Street, the Basilica of the Assumption -- contrary to what we said in our announcement of the contest. But as Patrick McGuire pointed out, we didn't say there isn't one, we just asked if you ever worried about there being no cathedral on Cathedral Street.

Well . . .

Interestingly enough, as of this writing I'm still getting suggestions, although it's a couple of weeks past the deadline -- one this morning from a Gwendolyn Cooke of Baltimore proposing that parents spend five days a year with their kids in school. Employers would have to give five annual leave days for the purpose. She goes on to list how it would work and what the benefits would be, taking well over our limit of 200 words to do so. Practical? Who knows? Interesting? You bet.

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