Goucher College and CoeducationEditor: Your Dec. 2 story...


January 06, 1991

Goucher College and Coeducation

Editor: Your Dec. 2 story about Goucher College failed to put into context the transitions a women's college experiences when becoming coed.

First, male students would not apply to Goucher if leadership roles were not available to them.

Anecdotal evidence from Vassar, Skidmore and Connecticut College indicates that the female students participate less in class than they did before coeducation and that male students hold significant leadership positions in campus organizations. Unfortunately, your article implies that Goucher is experiencing a unique phenomenon. . . .

Frequently, leadership in student organizations goes to the only student willing to assume the responsibility. . . . That this year's editors are males does not necessarily mean a female wanted the job.

!Winifred C. Borden Baltimore

Editor: As a newcomer to Baltimore, I am in no position to comment on Goucher's decision to go coed, but I can state unequivocally that, at the elementary and secondary levels, single-sex schools offer girls and young women more support for the development of skills and attitudes which will enable them to fulfill their potentials in coed colleges and universities. . . . Within the next 10 years, the percentage of white males in the work force will be substantially smaller and this country will face a serious shortage of skilled labor. We must look to women and minorities to provide a new pool of literate and skilled employees. If women are to be a significant factor in our future, they must be given opportunities to develop self-confidence and leadership skills. . . .

Elsa M. Bowman Headmistress, Garrison Forest School

Emaciated Model

Editor: That anorexic (well, look at her) model in that ridiculous gown photographed with an unflattering view of her legs has got to be a joke. What was your purpose in including it in the Nov. 25 Sun Magazine [In Style] -- to make the rest of us know we look better than she, no matter what our pocketbooks?

Stephanie Link Brooklandville

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