A Curve Adds Verve


January 06, 1991|By Yolanda Garfield

Michael Winegrad of I. Michael Interior Design adde excitement to the mundane architecture of a standard development house in Pikesville with this half-round master bedroom addition.

The addition, which satisfied his clients' craving for the unusual, dramatically alters the look of the house from the back. Rather than attempting to camouflage its shape by matching the materials with the rest of the house, the clients and designer opted to highlight the difference by selecting pale cedar siding as a statement of contrast.

Inside, custom features include marble-topped, brushed-aluminum laminate built-ins on both sides of the bed, a cabinet fitted with a hydraulic mechanism that lifts and lowers a TV, and a quilt that incorporates the room's soft shades of sea-foam green and beige. Softly draping balloon shades on the windows and a roll-armed chaise longue are both covered in exquisite French moire-type fabric. These curves echo the architecture and ease any hard angles that appear in the room. Fitted into the baseboards all around is continuous low-voltage lighting, adding to the sense of glamour.

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