Wood is silenced, as WYST-AM turns to simulcasting from FM


January 05, 1991|By Ray Frager

If you tuned into WYST (1010 AM) yesterday at 4 p.m. expecting to hear Phil Wood's sports talk show, you heard music instead. And, though it may not be music to the ears of Wood's listeners, that's what will be occupying his time slot from now on.

WYST-AM began simulcasting WYST-FM yesterday at 3 p.m., and that meant an end to all AM programming, including Wood's show.

"It's the story of my life," said Wood, who previously had the plug pulled on his show by format changes and financial problems at WCBM. "At least I can say every time I've been unemployed in Baltimore it's been because the station changed formats."

But Wood said he's not about to give up on radio.

"I'm supremely confident I'll be working again soon," he said.

Wood's preference is to stay in Baltimore, he said, calling an out-of-town job "a last resort."

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