Rust fired Patriots start search for a fiery coach

January 05, 1991

Rod Rust was fired yesterday as coach of the New England Patriots after oone season and one win.

Five days after the worst season in Patriots history ended with their 14th straight loss and a 1-15 record, chief executive officer Sam Jankovich dismissed Rust with three years left on his contract.

He also said he wanted the next coach, the Patriots' fifth in 13 seasons, to be "highly energized and enthusiastic. . . full of fire." Rust, 62, is considered a hard worker but low-keyed.

Jankovich planned to move quickly to find a new coach and said he had a short list of primary candidates but would not say who was on it. Published reports have focused on John Mackovic, coach at Illinois and former coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I'm disappointed, but I think I'll survive it," Rust said. "I think (when) you're 1-15, you can't wxpect the world to be all rosy."

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