Around the house* Keep holiday gift wrap in good condition...


January 05, 1991|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Keep holiday gift wrap in good condition from year to year. Store rolls of wrapping paper upright in a garment bag or purchase a long box from a florist.

* Remove tea and coffee stains from tablecloths. Rinse clotwith cold water and rub salt into the stain until it disappears. Rinse and air dry.

* Spray kitchen curtains with a fabric protector. Curtains thahang directly over a sink are particularly vulnerable to splashes and spills.

* Open stubborn jars. A piece of sandpaper will provide a googrip for lids that won't budge.

In the garden

* Wrap a cylinder of 1/4 -inch mesh hardware cloth around base of trees to protect bark from gnawing rodents. Cloth should cover about 2 feet of the trunk.

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