It's Old Home Week At The Show


The Next Best Thing To Going Fishing Is Talking About Fishing

January 04, 1991|By Capt. Bob Spore

The 14th annual Chesapeake Sportfishing Show opens this evening at the Annapolis National Guard Armory with very few changes.

In many ways the show is a reunion, at least for most of the exhibitors. Theyget together and have fun for three days, doing what comes naturally-- talking fishing. If you can't go fishing, talking about it is the next best thing.

Promoter Al Tourney said he has ordered wall stretchers for this weekend to handle the crowd.

With luck, the weather will cooperate. I don't think I can remember a Chesapeake Sportfishing Show when there wasn't rain and/or snow. What better activity can you think of on the first nasty weekend in January than going to the show?

The show has a few additions this year. Custom Crafted Tackle missed last year's show, because owner Fluffy Frazier had a bypass operation prior to the show. But Frazier is back this year and in great shape. He specializes in custom rod making and can build just about anything. In addition to making beautiful rods, he is an outstanding surf fisherman.

Reed's Tackle Repair from Deale is an authorized Penn Reel repair representative. Fishermen who want to geta head start on next year's season can bring their Penn reels to the show for reconditioning and repair.

Bass fishing guide Ken Wilson has branched out into electric trolling motor repair and will represent both specialties. If you have an ailing electric trolling motor, you might want to take information regarding the year and model number with you to the show and see if Wilson can help.

The Upper Bay Charter Captains is a group of licensed charter boat captains that recently organized to promote fishing in the upper portion of the Chesapeake Bay. Because rockfishing is legendary in the upper bay, you might want to stop by and pick up a tip or two for next year's striper season.

You would expect to find Chesapeake guides at a Chesapeake Sportfishing Show, but how about Alaskan, Salmon River (New York) and Lake Ontario guides? That's right, you get awide selection at this show.

Show hours are 6 to 10 tonight, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Seminars will run from 7 to 10 tonight, 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. tomorrow and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.


A marvelous winter activity is feedingthe birds. Last week's

snow brought them flocking to my backyard feeders in Pasadena.

There are simple and cheap ways to get into the birding game, and then there is the expensive approach. If you are handy with a few tools you can build bird feeders for little ornothing. But if you have paws instead of hands, you might as well goto your local hardware store and pick up a couple of units.

The tray is the most effective feeder for drawing birds of almost all types. The drawback to the tray is that you must be diligent and fill it almost daily. The tubular type feeder with several perches and a small tray at the bottom will give you a longer period between fillings.

Wild bird seed abounds at most hardware stores, but I switched my flock to a mixture of medium chicken scratch and sunflower seeds. The chicken scratch, a combination of cracked corn and wheat, gives the birds a well-balanced diet.

I'm certain I have the standard Pasadena flock of house finches, blue jays, nuthatches, titmice, an occasional woodpecker and a cardinal that comes at daylight and dark. Very timid, my cardinal. Then there are the normal flocks of doves, sparrows and starlings, but they are fun too.

It won't take you long until you have your own flock. Enjoy.

Bob Spore is a Coast Guard-licensed charter boat captain from Pasadena. His Outdoors column appears every Friday and Sunday in The Anne Arundel County Sun.

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