'Russia House' may play Russian houses

January 04, 1991|By Los Angeles Times

HAVANA" AND "The Russia House" are both headed for the countries that inspired them.

The distributor of MGM's ''Russia House'' is working on plans for theatrical distribution in the Soviet Union of Pathe Entertainment's film adaptation of John le Carre's spy novel.

"Nothing is firm" and MGM isn't yet discussing details, says a spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, le Carre's book will be published in the Soviet Union, "a first" for the writer, his agent says. Also something of an irony: The novel revolves around a dangerous attempt to smuggle a book of military secrets out of the country for Western publication.

Now being translated, "Russia House" will also be excerpted in two Russian literary magazines, according to agent Amanda Urban.

Commerce with Cuba is forbidden under U.S. trade restrictions, but producer-director Sydney Pollack took "Havana" with him when he left for a screening at the Latin American Film Festival in the capital city. The film chronicles the adventures of an American gambler (played by Robert Redford) who falls hard for a political firebrand (Lena Olin) on the eve of Fidel Castro's revolution.

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