Drivers find spill and stop on dime, nickel, penny . . .

January 03, 1991|By Roger Twigg

To motorists on a certain stretch of Frankford Avenue yesterday, it must have seemed for a moment like pennies from heaven. Also, quarters, nickels and dimes -- between $50,000 and $60,000 worth.

The coins spilled onto the pavement about 2 p.m. when a driver for Loomis Armored Inc. suddenly pulled away from a traffic light in the 5400 block of Frankford Avenue in Northeast Baltimore. The police said the driver, Dennis Messon Sr., 42, of the 3800 block of East Pratt Street, accelerated too quickly, sending metal trays containing boxes of coins shifting and sliding to the rear of his truck and slamming into its back door.

The door didn't hold.

As boxes of rolled coins tumbled onto the street, many motorists stopped to help Mr. Messon pick up the money.

A few had other ideas, however.

Dennis S. Hill, a police spokesman, said some agile motorists managed to open their car doors and scoop up rolls of coins as they drove past.

One man, Tyrone Mayo, 40, of the 5000 block of Goodnow Road, was charged with larceny after he was stopped for allegedly carrying off $500 in quarters and $2 in pennies, Mr. Hill said.

The police blocked off the intersection about an hour while coins were picked up. Mr. Hill said a "minimal" amount of money was lost.

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