Buffs Are Best, Two Polls Declare

January 02, 1991|By Chris Zang

New Year's Day Highs And Lows:

* COLORADO NO. 1: Colorado was the winner in at least two polls conducted last night after the bowl activity was done. In the USA Today/CNN poll, Colorado finished ahead of Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida State and Washington. A poll conducted by the sports daily The National had the top five this way: Colorado, Miami, Georgia Tech, Washington and Florida State.

* DOUBLE VISION: Iowa could be excused for thinking No. 5 was everywhere for Washington. Dana Hall, a defensive back who recovered a blocked punt and fumble, and Mario Bailey, a wide receiver who caught two touchdown passes, both wear No. 5.

Meaning that, on the Huskies, you can't tell the players even with a scorecard.

* FLAGGED: Miami was assessed nearly as many yards in penalties (16 for 202 yards, both Cotton Bowl records) as Texas gained in total offense (205).

The Hurricanes broke the 50-year-old record for penalty yardage in 26 minutes.

* STOP: Georgia Tech did just that to the Nebraska running game, which was averaging 330 yards. The Cornhuskers were held to 126 yards.

* TURNED OVER: Colorado's winning score followed one of three consecutive turnovers by a Notre Dame offense that had committed only 11 turnovers in 11 regular-season games.

* ZIP IT: Miami admitted it was motivated by Texas offensive tackle Stan Thomas, who called the Hurricanes "gangster-looking guys" and predicted that Texas would win, 28-10.

Even after the 46-3 loss, Thomas was not toning down his words. "I drove some of their linemen down and pancaked them. It embarrassed them so bad that they got penalties." But losing by 43 is no humiliation at all. Right, Stan?

* FOILED FAKE: Down and desperate, Iowa coach Hayden Fry ordered a fake field goal, where his holder suddenly jumps up and starts for the sideline, like something is amiss. Then the holder suddenly --es up field and becomes a surprise receiver for the "kicker" who's now a passer. Got it? Iowa didn't. A low snap and poor pass resulted in an interception.

* A DAY TO FORGET: Texas sophomore quarterback Peter Gardere was sacked eight times and turned the ball over five times -- all five leading to Miami scores.

* WORTH WAITING FOR? Clemson defensive lineman Chester McGlockton broke his season-long silence with the media after the Tigers set Hall of Fame Bowl records for fewest points, rushing yards (62) and total yards allowed (247) in a 30-0 laugher over Illinois.

What pearls of wisdom had he been saving? "The first half was fun. The second half was boring," he said. Enough said, Chester.

* 715 YARDS, THE CHEAP WAY: With its offensive linemen psyched up by Ole Miss' "cheap-shot tactics," Michigan amassed a school- and bowl-record 715 yards in beating Mississippi, 35-3, in the Gator Bowl.

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