Large Deer Population Poses Risk Of Disease

Readers write

January 02, 1991

From: Wendy P. Feaga, DVM

Ellicott City

Your recent article, "Who has chased the deer away?" ("The Scene," by Patrick Hickerson, Dec. 19) is not correct, in my opinion. Asa resident of your neighborhood, Triadelphia Road at Route 144, the deer are plentiful, too plentiful. As I am among at least a dozen cases of Lyme disease in this area, we are intimately aware of the consequences of the large deer population in our neighborhood.

I am not advocating the elimination of our deer population, because if we do, the tick is more likely to move to us and our pets, increasing the likelihood of Lyme disease. Instead, we need to gently control the population explosion by clearing areas around our houses of heavy underbrush, and allowing hunters to remind the deer that people occasionally hunt them so they keep their distance.

This past deer season, numerous deer were seen in the area. I chased three deer off my driveway right after deer season ended. Clients to my veterinary office commonly report seeing deer as they come in.

At this time, Howard County residents can enjoy abundant wildlife. But as deer, othermammals including mice, rabbits and squirrels, as well as birds can drop Lyme-bearing deer ticks where they go, we need to keep wild animals wild so they are not concentrated right in our back yards.

Editor's note: The writer lives about a mile from Patrick Hickerson; herhome abuts a park.


From: CharlesA. Aston

Ellicott City

C. Vernon Gray, D-3rd, is certainly doing some interesting things now that he's safely employed for another term. The County Council passed a 5 percent tax cap bill last week. Everyone voted for it except Mr. Gray. He apparently feels that it is better to tax more heavily than to exert the effort to trim expenditures.

Mr. Gray is drafting emergency legislation to repeal the county's cap on residential building permits in January. His rationale isthat increased construction will help solve the county's worsening financial crisis.

What a fascinating idea! Let me see if I understand how it's supposed to work: More people will move into the county and they'll require more services such as education, transportation and protection, all of which will cost more money. Maybe I'm dense, butthe only people I can see benefiting from removal of the permit cap are the developers who got us into our current mess! Taxes in then-rural Howard County were low until the building boom started and now they're going through the roof! This situation reminds me of a quotation from the Vietnam War when one of our field commanders explained, "It became necessary to destroy the village to save it."

C. Vernon Gray didn't say a lot about raising taxes and promoting further rampant, uncontrolled and destructive growth when he was running for re-election. Perhaps he thought his constituents wouldn't favor those positions. Now that he's in for another term, we're finding out what his views are. Who does he represent?

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