Prophet Looks Beyond Next Week To All '91


January 02, 1991|By PAT O'MALLEY

As you sports fans know, Prophet Pat makes predictions year round, but once a year, he really splurges, and yes, it's that time of year for the Prophet's exclusive predictions and resolutions.

Let's not waste any time and get right to the 1991 picks. Just to warn you, the Prophet did have a couple of mugs of eggnog while sitting in front of his fireplace.

There is a chance that some of the Prophet's picks were influenced by his cheerful turning of the dial on his satellite crystal ball. The Prophet hopes you'll get a few laughs as you try to figure out which predictions are serious and which are not.

Prediction: Chesapeake's boys basketball team (currently 3-4) will finish at .500 or just above for the first time in school history. The Cougars' best records ever are 8-14 under current coach Tom Kraning in 1987-1988 and 7-15 under J. P. Foreman in 1981-1982.

Resolution: To call Dave "Pop"Warner, the former Chesapeake baseball coach who heads the Tom Kraning Fan Club, and let him know of the Cougars' finish.

Prediction: North County's boys team (1-7) will win no more than five games and probably three or four this season.

Resolution: To never again refer to the first-year Knights as "4A doormats" but to dignify them by using "league scatter rugs."

Prediction: Annapolis boys team (8-0) of Coach John Brady will repeat as state 4A champions, and Brady, whose career record stands at 285-45, will get his 300th career win.

Resolution: To never again joke about Brady's robust physique. When I mention the "300 milestone," to be referring only to his career wins total.

Prediction: A 60-point night for Annapolis senior "Air Dennis" Edwards.

Resolution: To never again assume that Edwards -- missed two games Christmas shopping -- and Brady -- missed a Cap City Classic game last week sleigh riding -- will show up.

Prediction: Vince Barnett's shooting will be the difference as Southern nips Northeast in the 2A regional final and heads to College Park for the state Final Four.

Resolution: To stick with Tom Albright's Bulldogs of Southern even though he has a tough time sticking with us reporters.

Prediction: The Old Mill girls will win the 4A Region IV title and dethrone two-time state champion Broadneck.

Resolution: Not to doubt Old Mill, despite its upset loss to St. Mary's in the Noel Classic this past weekend.

Prediction: Laura Coakley will return to St. Mary's near season's end and help the Saints of Carmine Blades to upset Seton-Keough in the Baltimore Catholic League Tournament.

Resolution: To have faith that someone above (the Saints have connections, you know) will get Coakley back at the end.

Prediction: Talented Kristy Zulka will return from knee injury and lead the Northeast girls to a second straight appearance in the 2A Final Four at Catonsville Community College.

Resolution: To believe that Calvin "Flipper" Vain, coach of the Northeast girls, will have them peaking at the end.

Prediction: Old Mill will not repeat as state 4A/3A wrestling champion. North Carroll of Harford County will replace the Patriots as top dog.

Resolution: To stick with high school grapplers who are legitimate, as opposed to those clowns on television who "wrassle."

Prediction: The Old Mill girls squad and the Meade boys will win the county and regional meets for indoor track next month.

Resolution: To try to understand why track people, especially coaches like Leon Walters, are so sensitive about track, which is the only high school sport running the entire year. Tracksters have the upper hand on other athletes in that many of them go from cross country to indoor to outdoor track.

Can you imagine if they let the soccer athletes and coaches have the same privilege with fall soccer, indoor soccer and spring soccer on the high school level?

Prediction: With Eric Scott and Doug Stockman back on the hill, Old Mill's baseball team will regain its state 4A championship this spring, but not before getting a scare from the Arundel Wildcats.

Resolution: Not to miss an Arundel-Old Mill encounter this spring.

Prediction: Old Mill senior pitcher-shortstop Eric Scott and Arundel sophomore third baseman-pitcher Shawn Crews will have spectacular seasons.

Resolution: Not to confuse Arundel coach Bernie Walter with Earl Weaver and Old Mill coach Mel Montgomery with Pittsburgh skipper Jim Leyland.

Prediction: Charlie Buckheit, right-hand pitcher from Northeast, will be a late-round draft choice by some major league club this June.

Resolution: To never again believe that the Northeast Eagles' baseball club of Harry Lentz will go undefeated. Northeast won 22 in a row last spring before losing, 6-5, to Edgewood of Harford County in the state 2A semifinals.

Prediction: Northeast will win it all this time in Class 2A behind the pitching of Buckheit and the hitting of Donnie Shump and Craig Everett.

Resolution: To remember when visiting Northeast that Lentz and his staff all address one another by "coach so and so" -- not by first names. It's so genuine that it is worth knowing.

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