Countians Serve In Gulf

January 02, 1991

Two Maryland National Guard members from Carroll serving in the Persian Gulf have commented about the treatment of women.

Spc. Laura Clark, a Baltimore County police officer from Westminster, said women "get more propositions in (Saudi Arabia) than you do at home in a baron Friday night."

She said soldiers are not as professional as are her police colleagues.

"People get in this uniform and their manners go out the door," she said. "Females in the police department get more respect than in the military."

Spc. Bridgett Novak, a 28-year-old secretary who left a 4-year-old son and newlywed husband in Westminster, agreed that women receive some sexual advances.

"(But) it's all in how you take it," she said. "Despite being only a handful of women in a company of 100 men, (sex) really isn't on anyone's mind."

One Carrollman in Saudi Arabia said he hopes Americans won't turn against him, as happened to soldiers who served in Vietnam.

"I'm willing to die," Sgt. Richard Mastrangeld of Manchester said. "We have something atstake here."

Mastrangeld visited Carroll at Thanksgiving, just before leaving for the Middle East. He saw the demonstration against U.S. involvement at the county library in Westminster.

"It affected me because that's where I live," he said. "What should I expect when I go back there? Will they call us baby-killers all over again?"

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