These are the answers to Dan Rodricks' All-Baltimore game...

January 02, 1991|By Dan Rodricks

These are the answers to Dan Rodricks' All-Baltimore game called "What's In A Name." The puzzle appeared in yesterday's Holiday Sun.

1. PRESTON, as in Reston, as in the Baltimore street, as in the late William Preston Lane.

2. ANDERSON, as in the Oldsmobile dealer, as in Brady of the Orioles, as in Anderson Little, as in Dale Anderson, former Baltimore County executive and state delegate.

3. CHARLES, as in Charlie "Call A Cab" Eckman, as in Charles Village and the Club Charles.

4. MILLER, as in former Oriole pitcher Stu, as in Oriole play-by-play man and Esskay bologna pitcher Jon Miller, as in Miller Brothers clothing for women.

5. LEE, as in Fort Lee, N.J., as in Lee "The Morning Mayor" Case, as in Lee's Ice Cream, as in Lee May, former Orioles first baseman.

6. CURTIS, as in the avenue, as in the former Colt linebacker Mike, as in Curtis Sliwa, outspoken leader of the Guardian Angels.

7. MONROE, as in the president, as in Earl "The Pearl" Monroe of the bygone Baltimore Bullets, as in the street.

8. TURNER, as in the late Jerry, as in Turner's Station in southeastern Baltimore County.

9. MURPHY, as in former Baltimore Circuit Judge Billy Murphy, as in Baltimore County Circuit Judge Joseph, as in Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert.

10. TUXEDO, as in the Roland Park pharmacy, as in the old name for the 889 telephone exchange, as in the usual attire of waiters at the Prime Rib.

11. MARTIN, as in Billy, as in the state airport, as in Martin's catering halls.

12. PARKER, as in former Colt Jim, as in TV personality Royal.

13. HARVEY, as in Harvey's at Green Spring Station, as in U.S. District Judge Alexander, as in the investment firm of F. Barton.

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Answers to the name game

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