Morales and Yara pushing Father Time to the limit


January 01, 1991|By Michael Reeb

Ralph Morales took a circuitous route to the Baltimore Road Runners Club's eight-miler at the Loch Raven watershed Sunday, but in keeping with the spirit of the Father Time Frolic, he wasn't that far off track.

Morales, who lives in Mount Washington, drove to Robert Yara's house in Cockeysville. The two of them ran to the start of the Father Time Frolic at Peerce's Plantation and then ran the eight-miler to the old dam and back. They finished the race tied for first place in 44 minutes, 1 second.

But the rules for the Father Time are a bit different than for most races. Runners must predict their times; no watches are allowed. The runner who finishes closest to his predicted time is the overall winner of the event.

"The tough part is that Robert Yara predicts six-minute miles and Anthony Grier [who finished fourth and was fourth closest in predicted time] pushes him, and they end up running 5:20 miles," said Bob Ray, who monitored the finish line.

Yara, 35, ended up running 5 1/2 -minute miles, but it was Morales, 35, who was doing the pushing.

"I live in Mount Washington, but it's worth it [the trip] to run with this guy," Morales said about Yara, who has qualified for the U.S. Olympic marathon trials.

"He's been kicking my butt in workouts," Yara said about Morales, the chief resident at Sinai Hospital.

"But he knows how to beat me in races," Morales said, getting in the final word.

dTC Andy Gill, who predicted he would run the eight miles in 53 minutes, came closest with a 52:59 finish.

"Whoever hits it right on the money hits the pool [$250]. We've only had that happen one time," race director Jim Phillips said. "I guarantee you have to be under a minute to win, though."

The top finishers:

Predicted times: 1. Andy Gill, 53:00 (predicted), 52:59 (actual); 2. Margaret Smith, 70:00, 70:02; 3. Dave Lowe, 46:00, 46:03; 4. Anthony Grier, 46:50, 46:53; 5. Joe Amato, 59:15, 59:19; 6. Mike Ferrante, 49:24, 49:30.

Fastest times: Males -- 1. Ralph Morales, 44:01; Robert Yara, 44:01; 3. Jeff Hinte, 45:41; 4. Dave Lowe, 46:02; 5. Anthony Grier, 46:53; 6. Kevin Hewitt, 47:38; 7. John Zeigler, 48:53; 8. Michael Ferrante, 49:30; 9. Ed Geisendaffer, 50:09; 10. J. Tobin, 50:10. Females -- 1. Debra Chaney, 58:48; 2. Stacey Nicholson, 59:56; 3. Amy Boebel, 63:05; 4. Debbie Ashburn, 65:19.

* Over the weekend: Bob Oberti and Linda Shanklin won their divisions of the Annapolis Striders' 12th Anniversary 15K Sunday at Quiet Waters Park. There were 122 finishers. The top runners:

Annapolis Striders' 12th Anniversary 15K

At Quiet Waters Park

Males: 1. Bob Oberti, 53:42; 2. Reuben Beauchamp, 54:21; 3. Michael Hoffman, 54:25; 4. Dave Wall, 54:59; 5. Matt Mace, 55:25; 6. Stan Fletcher, 56:18; 7. Rick Chambers, 57:18; 8. Tom Prendki, 57:24; 9. Bill Turrentine, 58:01; 10. Eric Gyaki, 58:24.

Females: 1. Linda Shanklin, 1:01:44; 2. Jennifer Lundeen,

1:07:09; 3. Vivi Provine, 1:12:45; 4. Ceil Tinney, 1:14:13; 5. Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, 1:15:18; 6. Teresa West, 1:17:22; 7. June Schneider, 1:17:42; 8. Michele Valenti, 1:19:05; 9. Sherri Hoskisson, 1:22:26; 10. Katie Foley, 1:23:43.

* Upcoming:

Today, HCS Resolution Run 8K, Centennial Lake, 10 a.m., 730-4499.

Today, RASAC St. Mary's 6-miler, St. Mary's Church, Harford County, 11 a.m.

Saturday, Sri Chinmoy 2-mile fun run, Patterson Park, 8 a.m., 467-3223.

Saturday, Charlotte Observer Marathon, 10K, Charlotte, N.C., (704) 379-6896.

Sunday, Frozen Finger 5-Miler, Hillside and Stevenson, 9 a.m., 566-RUN2.

Jan. 12, USRA Masters Circuit National Championship 8K, Naples, Fla., (407) 647-2918.

Jan. 13, BRRC championship 10-miler, Loch Raven, 9 a.m., 566-RUN2.

Jan. 13, WRRC Mighty Medford Freeway 5K, Westminster, noon, 857-5154.

Jan. 13, Tri-Maryland No Frills Biathlon (3.5 run, 15 bike), Salisbury, 10 a.m., 882-6103.

Jan. 19, Winter Desire 5-Mile Dash, True Grit 10-Miler, Savage River Dam Half-Marathon, Big Run State Park, 10 a.m., (301) 359-3770.

Jan. 20, BRRC Boordy 6-Miler, Boordy Vineyards, 9:30 a.m., 566-RUN2.

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