What's In a Name? Baltimore trivia

January 01, 1991|By Dan Rodricks | Dan Rodricks,Evening Sun Staff

For the last three New Years, Evening Sun columnist Dan Rodricks has produced an All-Baltimore Crossword Puzzle for readers. This year, however, Dan has produced a different kind of mind-boggler, an All-Baltimore game called "What's In A Name."

Each set of clues is connected to a familiar Baltimore name. The object of the game is to determine the name based on a set of three -- and, in some cases, two -- clues. All clues have a Baltimore or Maryland connection.

For example, here are three clues to an established Baltimore name: Engraved in stone; No. 26; driving range . . . . If you guessed "Mitchell" as the name in question, you'd be correct. Clarence M. Mitchell Jr.'s name is engraved in stone at the city courthouse; the great Colt running back Lydell Mitchell wore No. 26 during his playing days; Tom Mitchell operates a popular golf driving range in Baltimore County.

Now, on with the game. Name the names. Answers appear in Wednesday's editions of The Sun and The Evening Sun.

1. Let's see what's in ya', it rhymes with a town in Virginia.

A. One-way street.

B. Gubernatorial middle name.

If you've purchased a GM car, you won't have to look very far.

A. Outfielder.

B. Little men's store.

C. Former exec.

3. You've got it made, if you remember the Easter parade.

A. Cab callin' kinda guy.

B. Student village.

C. Club.

4. Name the name and win a prize, this one is six letters in size.

A. Right-handed pitcher.

B. Bologna booster.

C. Brothers.

5. In a northern state it's a giant fort, but this name is rather short.

A. Broadcasting burgermeister.

B. Ice cream.

C. First base.

6. Sometimes a first, sometimes a last, keep goin', you're learning fast.

A. Avenue.

B. Linebacker.

C. Outspoken angel.

7. This one might be self-evident, it was the name of an early president.

A. Court gem.

B. East-west street.

8. I'll give you a little tease -- it's the name of Jane's famous squeeze.

A. TV legend.

B. County station.

9. Sorry for sounding too official, these clues are all judicial.

A. Former judge.

B. Sitting judge.

C. Appellate judge.

10. It might seem abnormal, but this name is very formal.

A. Pharmacy.

B. Old telephone exchange.

C. Prime Rib waiters.

11. First name, last name, even a middle; figure it out and crack this riddle.

A. Once the Earl's rival.

B. Happy landings.

C. Champagne and chandeliers.

12. Six letters has this name, the third and last are exactly the same.

3. Former Colt Jim.

B. A royal voice.

13. A name denoting blood that's blue; consider that an extra clue.

A. Gourmet of Joppa and Falls.

B. Federal jurist.

C. Investments.

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