Harder economic times, war on 1991 horizon


December 31, 1990|By Henry Scarupa

The Persian Gulf crisis flashes bright and clear in the crystal balls of several psychics as they make their predictions for 1991.

(So do increases in local UFO sightings and Jane Fonda's measurements, and impending baldness for two male sex symbols -- but more on that later.)

Glen Burnie psychic Sonia Benser foresees war with Iraq, possibly set off by a surprise attack by the Arab nation.

"We're in grave danger right now because something underhanded could occur. I wouldn't underestimate [Iraqi President Saddam] Hussein," she says. "If there is a war I feel it won't be of great duration, but there could be heavier losses than people expect. The war will bring many repercussions, with continued problems with oil."

She views the crisis as weighing heavily on the president and urges that he take care.

"President Bush is under great strain and needs to watch his health," she adds. "I feel he's extremely tired and needs more rest than he's getting."

Astrologer Jeane Dixon predicts that an all-out war with Iraq would end with U.S. victory, but at great cost to the Bush presidency.

Interviewed by the National Enquirer, California seer Judy Hevenly provides a clue how this might come about. She sees Saddam Hussein vaporized by an accidental nuclear blast at a secret Iraqi base in February, giving Operation Desert Shield a thumbs-up finale.

Ms. Benser, who focuses mainly on local developments, regards 1991 as the "worst year for predictions" in five years.

On the down side she sees:

*Unexpected problems with Baltimore's new stadium, including a structural flaw, possibly delaying the 1992 opening.

*A bad recession in the city at least till mid-October, highlighted by the failure of a large bank.

*The sudden illness and hospitalization of a leading Baltimore woman politician.

*Worsening of the city's homeless problem, creating a major political issue.

These events don't signal the end of the world, contends Ms. Benser, and on the up side she predicts:

*The rise of a powerful political reform movement in Baltimore, bringing new personalities to the forefront.

*The unexpected move to the city of several new businesses, giving a boost to the local economy.

*Increased sightings of UFOs in Maryland, hastening the day when extra-terrestrial beings make contact with humans to help them, probably in this decade.

*Greater public interest in spiritual growth and the psychic world.

On a lighter note, two psychics call attention to the impending baldness of a pair of prominent Hollywood stars. Cited by the National Examiner, Jeannette Greensboro, known for her work with police in finding missing persons, predicts an enraged Bruce Willis will attack a Los Angeles dermatologist after losing his hair following an experimental cure. He will be arrested.

Los Angeles psychic Maria Graciette, who reportedly foresaw the Manson murders, sees Tom Cruise adopting a Telly Savalas hair style as the result of a stress-related ailment. In this case baldness will be temporary, notes the National Enquirer.

'91 doesn't seem to be a good year for other show-biz personalities either, according to the same publication.

Cher will come down with an infection from a new tattoo on her backside and will wind up in a hospital, predicts New York psychic Shawn Robbins, best known for her economic forecasts. And Jane Fonda will take on the Tammy Bakker look, adding 40 pounds after becoming obsessed with gourmet food, says St. Louis seer Beverly Jaegers, who makes stock market forecasts.

The person emerging from 1991 with the widest grin of all may be Ivana Trump, recently divorced from New York millionaire Donald Trump. Ms. Graciette sees her marrying the world's richest man, the Sultan of Brunei.

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