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December 31, 1990|By Craig Crossman | Craig Crossman,Knight Ridder

Q. I am looking for a program that contains the entire text of the Bible and that will allow me to search for any word or group of words.

A. Seek and ye shall find is how I choose to answer your question, and MacBible, from Zondervan, told me just where to find it:

Luke 11:9: "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." (It's also in Matthew 7:7.)

Note that I used the New International Version Bible ($99.95). If you want the "ye's and shalls" along with the "thee's and thou's," you'll find them in the King James Version ($99.95). Also available are the Revised Standard Version ($99.95), New Revised Standard Version ($99.95), NRSV Apocrypha ($59.95), Hebrew Bible ($174.95) and Greek New Testament ($174.95).

MacBible allows Macintosh users to search for English, Greek and Hebrew words, phrases and multiword combinations. Each text is available separately. The Greek and Hebrew sets display and print the text in Greek and Hebrew characters, respectively.

For IBM and compatibles, NIV PC ($299) displays the New International Version text in both English and Greek but not Hebrew.

For information, contact Zondervan Electronic Publishing at (800) ext. 100 or (616) 698-3520, ext. 100.

Craig Crossman is a contributing editor to several computer publications and has a degree in computer science from Florida Atlantic University. He was the international Apple computer expert for The Source, a major computer videotext information service.

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