Program to offer know-how to would-be business owners


December 31, 1990

The American Woman's Economic Development Corp., a non-profit, New York-based organization which pioneered programs to assist women who own or want to go into their own business, will begin it first regional training program on Jan. 15 in Washington.

"Starting Your Own Business," a nine-session program, will offer information on starting up a business and the basic know-how for operating it.

The program costs $240. To apply, or for more information about AWED, call (202) 857-0091, or write to American Woman's Economic Development Corp., 2445 St. N.W., Suite 490, Washington, D.C. 20037.

The program, which is to be taught by experienced professionals and business people, will include:

* A Business Overview: The owners/manager's role in planning, organizing and controlling business.

* Marketing Your Business or Service: An introduction to the marketing process and marketing management.

* Advertising/Public Relations: How small businesses can get the word out about their products or services effectively on a limited budget.

* Sales Techniques: Explores ways to reach prospective clients, overcome resistance, close the deal and follow-up.

* Business Law: Legal requirements of operating a business, including financial records; licenses and permits; contracts; leases; employment contracts; partnership agreements; as well as how to protect your business name and products.

* Finance and Record Keeping: The importance of financial records; methods of accounting; how to choose an accountant.

* Insurance: Personal and business insurance coverage, including various forms of medical coverage, disability, life insurance, deferred compensation and pension plan options.

* Banking: Establishing a good relationship with your bank.

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