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December 30, 1990

"I will have to tell my elder daughter Dalmita that the Mafia also exists in soccer. The penalty which defeated us did not exist and was given to award victory to West Germany and punish Argentina." -- Diego Maradona after West Germany scored on a penalty kick and defeated Argentina, 1-0, to win the World Cup final.

* "Throughout my career, I have been publicly attacked and falsely accused of corruption, fight-fixing, bribery and conflicts of interest. The result of these battles is due process: total victory, innocent of all charges." -- From a newspaper advertisement placed by fight promoter Don King.

* "This could be the second-greatest upset in sports his- i tory. We could do what the American hockey team did against the Russians." -- Denver Broncos coach Dan Reeves predicting a Super Bowl upset against the San Francisco 49ers.

* "The world will end before there is another .400 hitter. . . . I think that was mentioned in the Bible." -- Lenny Dykstra, Philadelphia Phillies.

* "I don't measure them. Once they get over the fence, they can go to East Hell for all I care." -- Bo Jackson, Kansas City Royals, on hitting long home runs.

* "Andre [Agassi] is a great player, but what comes out of hi mouth is of little significance." -- Australian tennis player Darren Cahill reacting to Agassi's alleged injury and default after the United States had clinched the Davis Cup finals.

* "I'm not ------- talking to you. . . . Just keep your ------- mask on." - Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens yelling to umpire Terry )) Cooney moments before being ejected from Game 4 of the American League Championship Series.

* "You can call us bad guys. You can call us thugs. You can cal us hoodlums. But, please, at the end of that, just put 'national champions.' " -- UNLV's Larry Johnson after the Runnin' Rebels routed Duke to win the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball championship.

* "I can't get too excited about it. It's a fly speck in the ocean." - New England Patriots owner Victor Kiam reacting to reports that five of his players -- standing naked -- taunted and verbally abused Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson.

* "The country club is our home, and we pick and choose wh we want." -- Shoal Creek founder Hall W. Thompson.

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