The Envelope, Please: 1990's Most Notable Countians

December 30, 1990

EDITOR'S NOTE: Each year, the staff of The Carroll County Sun puts together a list of annual awards to groups and individuals who we believe deserve recognition. Here are our 1990 awards. given in the spirit of fun and enjoyment.

* The Shoot from the Lip Award: To Westminster City Councilman Samuel V. Greenholtz, who, on being confronted during a council meeting about unruly children, said, "What do you want me to do, shoot them?"

* The Missing Meter Award: To citizens who parked on the train tracks on Railroad Avenue in Westminster, forcing Maryland Midland employees to stop a train, disembark and ask them to move the cars. Second place to those citizens who parked in the turn lane on Cranberry Road.

* The What Did You Expect? Award: To Barbara Bowers, former head of the Carroll County Family Day Care Association, who went in front of city and town councils in Westminster and Manchester for months arguing for the elimination of zoning exception fees charged to day-care operators. She often screamed, yelled and cajoled municipal officials to make her point.

When it came time for her to go in front of a Westminster Zoning Appeals Board to care for more children at her home, she was turned down.

* The It's None of Your Business Award: To several town councils that believe the public doesn't necessarily have a right to know how its tax dollars are being spent. To Taneytown, which this spring kicked the public out of a budget workshop session; to Mount Airy, which won't tell the public how much it is paying the recently hired full-time planner; and to Sykesville, part of whose Town Council called an emergency meeting -- without alerting the mayor or the other council members.

* The Dewey Defeats Truman Award: To whomever gave Democratic Central Committee chairman Phillip Benzil the premature -- and erroneous --information on election night that state's attorney candidate Jerry Barnes and Grover N. "Sam" Sensabaugh, running for re-election as sheriff, had beaten their opponents. Both candidates made short victory speeches before later learning the returns were not as complete as Benzil was led to believe.

* The Stand Up and Be Counted Award: To Micki Smith, director of public information for Carroll County government and chairwoman of the local committee that spent months preparing Carroll residents to mail back the U.S. Census forms promptly. But by April 1, the census target date, hundreds of county residents -- including Smith -- still had received no forms.

* The It's Not How You Play the Game but Whether You Win Award: To State's Attorney Thomas E. Hickman and his unsuccessful challenger Jerry F.

Barnes. Both men made the race for Carroll state's attorney one of the dirtiest political contests the county has ever seen.

* The Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands Award: To David H. Roush, plant manager at Lehigh Portland Cement Co., who didn't hesitate to crumble lumps of black carbon waste in his hands while explaining how the company wants to burn the carbon in its kilns.

* The Please Don't Jinx Me Award: To Carroll County Farm Bureau president C. William Knill, who didn't want to talk about the possibility that Carroll would be named the top farm bureau in Maryland before the award was announced. Carroll won.

* The Don't Call Me Chicken Award: To Jack Untener, who started the first ostrich farm in the county and the state this year with four birds he bought in Oklahoma. The birds live in two pens on his land in Bixler Valley.

* The Win Some, Lose Some Award: To John Buchheister Jr., Hampstead resident and Randallstown High School football coach, who dropped out of the race for state Senate in District 5 because of lack of support and later guided his undefeated team to a state football championship.

* The Confidence Is My Middle Name Award: To Sen. Larry E. Haines, who had postcards of himself standing in front of the State House in Annapolis printed while in the midst of a tight Senate race with Jeff Griffith.

* The Your Secret's Safe With Me Award: To former Commissioner president John L. Armacost, who surprised the public, county employees and even his fellow commissioners by plugging all leaks and announcing at a press conference that he would not run for a third term, saying only that he'd be playing more golf in the future.

* The I Once Was a Hog Farmer Award: To Delegate Richard N. Dixon, who often leads into insightful comments on issues with stories about his boyhood days butchering hogs with his family.

* The Let's Liven Up This Gig Award: To Sharon L. Baker, Democratic candidate for county commissioner, who stirred up an otherwise placid race by calling a press conference the week before the election to announce that she believed incumbent Julia W. Gouge had done an inadequate job and shouldn't be re-elected.

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