Fire, Rescue Workers Honored For Efforts

December 30, 1990|By Staff writer

Three units of county fire and rescue workers were honored last week in a "Gift of Life" ceremony for their efforts in emergency lifesaving calls since September.

The awards, given since 1986, usually are presented shortly after firefighters save a life.

The most recent incident occurred Dec. 8, when Ronald J. Schrader, 49, of North Laurel experienced chest pains about 9:30 p.m.

Schrader tried to ignore the pain, but finally called 911 about midnight. Shortly after rescue workers arrived, Schrader went into cardiac arrest.

Responding from Stations 6 and 10 in Savage were emergency workers James S. Botschen, Benny Mullins, George A. Morgan and Daniel G. Merson. They worked on Schrader for 20 minutes before resuscitating him.

Elsewhere, 8-year-old Meredith L. Hiley owes her life to Joseph A. Mihm, David M. O'Neill and William A. Smith, who responded to a call on Oct. 24.

Meredith, who has a rare heart condition, was in cardiac arrest and unconscious. Her father was performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation when rescue workers from the Ellicott City station arrived.

The rescue team was able to revive Meredith's pulse, and the child was flown to the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Also, Brian D. Angle, Joseph A. Dennis and Terri L. Taylor were honored for their rescue skills in saving Donald C. Klein, 67, of Clarksville.

Klein's wife called 911 on Sept. 23 about 2 a.m., after her husband's pulse dropped dangerously low.

Before workers could take Klein to the Medic Unit, he went into cardiac arrest. The emergency technicians performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and gave Klein oxygen before they took him to Howard County General Hospital.

The following individuals also were recognized in the "Gift of Life" ceremony for their support services in the three rescue efforts: Vincent A.

Glorioso, Ivan J. Alexander, Paul J. Brown, Michael W. Gearhart, Calvin S.

Wiley, David B. Fisher, Adam E. Zielinski and John T. Mitchell.

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