Ins and Outs for '91

December 30, 1990|By Mary Corey and members of the Morning Features staff

Listen up, dudes.

(Oops, sorry, that's out.)

It's time again to distinguish between the daring and the de rigueur, to separate who's a shoo-in for stardom from who'd have to slap six cops and snare Donald Trump to get there.

Ohhh, the choices boggled our minds. Would M. C. Hammer, hot pants or Evander Holyfield make our lists?

Some did and some didn't. But we didn't just pick these out of thin, ozone-depleted air.

Instead, we did research. Well, make that pseudo-research. We asked ourselves, "Was this something your parents would say, 'Huh? What?' if you mentioned?" (It's in.) Or was it something your toddler already recognizes and can speak knowledgeably -- albeit in monosyllables -- about? (It's outta here.)

With that spirit in mind, we compiled these lists, realizing that in our trend-filled culture what's in can go out quicker than a 2-year-old can learn to say, uh, "Don't have a cow, man."


The Fly Girls


Arnold Schwarzenegger

The peace sign

Lip jobs

Jack Russell terriers

Rosie O'Neill


Swedish country




Sherilyn Fenn

Vietnamese food

The Civil War

"In Living Color"

Richard Gephardt

Mazda Miata

Non-prescription glasses

Andy Garcia

Old Montana writers

Faith Daniels

Vanilla Ice

The chignon (a la the New Ivana)

Evander Holyfield

Art Nouveau

Christy Turlington

Dining in

Dance music

Daisy prints



Mariah Carey

CDs as jewelry

Designer beef

Rowanne Brewer


Robert De Niro


The Chippendales


Sylvester Stallone

The dollar sign

Breast jobs

J English springer spaniels (Sorry, Millie)


Stationary bikes

English country


The B-52s


Melanie Griffith

Thai food

War in the Persian Gulf

"Saturday Night Live"

Bill Bradley


Colored contact lenses

Nicolas Cage

Young New York writers

Deborah Norville

New Kids On the Block

Big Hair (a la the Old Ivana)

Mike Tyson

Art Deco

Linda Evangelista as a blonde

Dining out

Rock and roll

Pucci prints

Jumping track

Cops (unless played by Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Whitney Houston

CDs as investments

Free-range chicken

Marla Maples


Robert Redford

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