Swooshing Down The Slopes In Style


December 30, 1990|By Donna Peremes

Ski gear has come a long way from the leather lace-up boots and wooden skis of yore. Technical improvements have increased both comfort and safety.

Ski fashion, too, has done its part to increase comfort and safety. So indulge us as we swoosh down memory's slopes with photographic remembrances of ski outfits past.

The photos, courtesy of Roffe ski wear, chronicle the changing styles and silhouettes of that company's offerings. Less obvious is the fact that by 1990, such revolutionary fabrics as Thinsulate, a thermal insulator, and Thintech, a waterproof, breathable fabric, made skiiers safer from hypothermia while allowing a freedom of movement hitherto unthinkable. Witness the bulky wool gabardine pants, probably not resistant to water, on the 1950s skiier.

Current items from the Roffe ski line can be found at such area stores as Edge Set and Sno-Net.

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