HTS moves horse racing show back into starting gate

December 28, 1990|By Ross Peddicord

The Home Team Sports cable television network will revive a Maryland thoroughbred racing show that was dropped about two years ago.

The first show, called "Post Time at Laurel," will start Jan. 2. Kim Goodwin, a member of Laurel's marketing team, will be host.

The half-hour show will air at 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and at 9 a.m. on the weekends. The entire card of races from the previous day will be shown and will be replayed occasionally at night.

Previously, the races were shown in a late-night format during the same day the races were run. But because HTS has commitments to air many night games of the Capitals, Bullets and Orioles, it would have cut into the racing program. "We thought that would have caused a lack of [scheduling] consistency," said Jim Mango, Laurel's general manager.

"This way people that don't come out to the track on a regular basis, such as many of our senior citizen fans, can see the show. The hard-core fans that do come out daily can tape the show on their VCRs."

In addition to the daily show, HTS also will air a half-hour weekly program on Wednesday nights, starting Jan. 9. This show, hosted by Doug Vair, the track's in-house handicapper, will highlight upcoming stakes races and special industry features, promotions and racing action updates.

Channel 50, a Washington-based UHF station, had aired a daily racing show during much of 1989-90 during the absence of an HTS program. But the show was dropped last summer.

Home Team Sports estimates it has about 500,000 subscribers in the Baltimore-Washington area.

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