Baltimore CitySHOOTING: Southwestern District -- Police...


December 28, 1990|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

SHOOTING: Southwestern District -- Police reported that a driver for a Mass Transit Administration bus was shot yesterday while he was stopped in the 2100 block of Garrison Blvd. to pick up passengers. Police said Ervin Grant's No. 15 bus bound for the Westview Mall was stopped shortly before 9 p.m. while passengers were boarding when someone outside the bus fired a shot. Police said the bullet narrowly missed a passenger boarding the bus and hit Grant in the right index finger. After reporting the incident to his dispatcher, Grant was taken by ambulance to the Liberty Medical Center, where he was treated and released. Police said there was no evidence that Grant was intentionally shot, but the bullet may have been fired at someone else.

THEFT: Northern District -- Police reported that a man pulling a horse and wagon down an alley behind the 800 block of W. 33rd St. entered the back yard of a home and removed a blue canvas cover and a large quantity of scrap cans. The owner of the property, Susan Fields, told police she did not give the man permission to remove the articles. Police said there was no evidence that the man who stole Fields' property was one of two men riding a one-horse junk wagon in the rear of the 500 block of E. 29th St. Wednesday who removed 11 aluminum storm windows from the back yard of Earnest L. Williams. Police said the junk wagon used to carry away Williams' property was green. The color of the wagon involved in Fields' case was unknown.

THEFT/ARREST: Northern District -- Police investigating the attempted theft of a tire from a 1988 Toyota pickup truck parked in the 1100 block of Wood Heights Ave. last night arrested two men as they sat in another car parked nearby. Police said Wayne Appell, the owner of the truck, saw two men trying to remove a tire from the vehicle and dialed 911. When police arrived they were directed to two men parked nearby. The men were identified as the two who tried to steal Appell's tire and were arrested. Charged with attempted theft and held overnight at the station pending a bail hearing were Ronald Coleman, 22, of the 3700 block of Chestnut Ave., and Edward Deems, 21, of the 3300 block of Keswick Road.

BURGLARY: Western District -- Police reported that someone broke into a house under renovation in the 1300 block of W. Lanvale St. and removed several kitchen cabinets, a vanity, tools and other equipment. Police said the property was valued at more than $3,000 and that entry was made through a rear window.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A resident of the 1800 block of Lorman St. reported that someone broke into her home Wednesday and stole a frozen turkey and two frozen chickens. Police said the value of the food was not known.

SHOOTING: Western District -- Tyler Gilmer, of the 2500 block of Winchester St., reported that he was walking near his home Wednesday when he was accosted by a man armed with a handgun who told him to "Give it up." Police said Gilmer was apparently slow in complying with the gunman's demand for money and was shot in the left knee. Police said the gunman then robbed Gilmer of $12 and fled the scene. Police said Gilmer was taken to an area hospital for treatment and released.

ASSAULT/ARREST: Northeastern District -- Diane Crockett, of the 5600 block of Cedgate Road, reported that during an argument with a man in her home yesterday she was threatened with a shotgun. Police said a 36-year-old man known to Crockett picked up a .410-gauge shotgun during the argument and pointed the weapon at her. Police said the man pulled the trigger but that the shotgun was unloaded. Later, police arrested the man and were holding him at the Eastern District lockup pending assault and deadly weapon charges. Police said the shotgun was recovered.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Police reported that someone entered a house in the 6100 block of Harford Road that is under going renovation and removed tools valued at more than $1,000. Police said the thief made off with several hand and power tools, including saws and drills.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Police reported that someone broke into the Armistead Elementary School in the 5000 block of Eager St. by knocking a hole in the cafeteria roof. Police said the intruders stole 10 spools of electrical wiring valued at $1,000.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Michelle Bitzel, of the 6500 block of Falkirk Road, reported that she was walking in the 1700 block of E. Northern Parkway yesterday morning when she was accosted by a man armed with a handgun who forced her to give up the purse she was carrying. Police said the man fled the scene on foot with $35, and other property of unknown value.

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