Wordsworth: The Hidden God


December 28, 1990|By Joseph Gallagher

IN THE BIBLE, el (or elohim) is the generic name for a divine being. Many personal names end with the godly el: Daniel (a judge is God): Emmanuel (with us is God); Ezechiel (a strengthener is God); Gabriel (strong is God); Moby Dick's Ishmael (a hearer is God); Israel (a wrestler is God); Michael (who is like God?); Nathaniel (a giver is God); Raphael (a healer is God); Samuel (name of God). Some names begin with the godly el: Elisabeth (God is sabbath restfulness); or, God has sworn): Elijah (El is Yahweh).

Yahweh (alias Jehovah) is the personal name of the Hebrew God. At times an abbreviation for it starts a name: Joel (Elijah backward!) Joshua (=Jesus: God saves); Jonathan (Nathaniel backward!) John (Yo/hanan: God is gracious). Some names end with an abbreviation for Yahweh: Matthias (=Matthew: gift of God:), Isaiah (Joshua backward!). Hallelujah (Alleluia) means ''praise Yahweh.''

God hides in the Latin Ama/deus (beloved of God); the Greek Theo/dore (God's gift, Dorothy backward) and Timo/thy (reverence for God); and the German Gott/fried (God's peace=Godfrey=Geoffrey=Jeffrey).

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