Convicted killer escape unlocked prison van


December 28, 1990


An unshackled convicted killer escaped yesterday by jumping from at unlocked van when his unarmed female guard stopped at a red light.

Wade Redfern, 53, was being transferred from the Baltimore City Correctional Center to a work-release center in Jessup, prison officials said.

The guard who was alone with the inmate, reported the escape to police after she lost sight of Redfern in Baltimore, said Len Sipes, prisons spokesman.

Redfern, who was serving a life term for murder and armed robbery, would have been eligible again for parole next December. An earlier parole request had been denied. He was considered a model prisoner and was being considered for work-release.

"After serving 20 years working his way through the system from maximum security to medium and then to minimum security, and remaining infraction-free since June of 1986, he gave officials ... every indication that he was trustworthy," Mr Sipes said.

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