How To Preserve Winter Sports: This Q Has A Simple A


December 28, 1990|By Pat O'Malley

While sitting around the Christmas tree this week, this columnist watched the lights beam off a batch of "Q's & A's."

It seemed that each light sent its own message to this columnist, who started jotting down those "Q's" for your reading pleasure.

Once again, if you have a response, comment or a question of your own, please give me a call on the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

* Isn't the most logical solution to the costly problem of paying custodians overtime to open and close county school gyms on weekends to simply hand that job over to the gym supervisors who are being paid by Rec and Parks to monitor the activities anyway?

In case you missed it recently, the Board of Education, in an attempt to save just over $600,000, wanted to eliminate overtime for custodians on weekends.

That, of course, would have practically closed down winter youth sports and most Rec and Parks winter activities.

But thanks to a powwow between County Executive Robert R. Neall, school Superintendent Larry Lorton and Joe McCann, supervisor of Rec and Parks, a temporary compromise was reached, and the gyms have stayed open.

In brief, the agreement was that Rec and Parks in conjunction with the new county executive would find a way to help the board with its huge budget deficit.

Since the gym supervisors are there in the schools the same time as the custodians, why pay both for basically the same job?

Under the current circumstances, isn't it like throwing money away to pay the custodians to stick a key in the door and then have the Rec and Parks gym supervisors follow them in and then take over until it's time to go?

Also, isn't it kind of ridiculous that on weekends county high school coaches need custodians to open the gyms for them for practices? Is that great or what?

We trust the high school coaches to teach and coach our kids, but we can't trust them to open the gyms and schools?

And you wonder why there is a budget deficit?

* On the subject of youth sports, hasn't the Gambrills-Odenton Rec Council done an excellent job running its annual basketball tournament with more than 100 teams for boys and girls in several age groups?

* Why did the county indoor track athletes go to last week's Anne Arundel County Relays at Baltimore's Fifth Regiment Armory in two buses, but come home in one?

"It was just a real headache," said veteran Old Mill assistant track coach Leon Walters.

* Why are there only seven girls on the 4A North County girls indoor track squad?

* Did you know that South River's outstanding 145-pound wrestler Brian Hunt is the son of longtime Southern assistant football coach Al Hunt?

* Have you heard that the 1990 Annapolis High School state 4A championship basketball team will be honored before tonight's Cap City tournament game at Annapolis with awards to be presented by Paul Rusko, the county coordinator of physical education, and Annapolis Mayor Al Hopkins?

* Did you know that after Dennis Edwards fired in 37 points in just 16 minutes on Thursday, Dec. 20, in a 92-64 romp over Chesapeake that Annapolis coach John Brady said, "Under the right conditions he might light it up for 70 points one of these nights. He's unbelievable, unstoppable?"

* How about North County assistant basketball coach Dan Krimmelbein taking exception with Prophet Pat who said that the winless first-year Knights had replaced Chesapeake as the county's 4A league doormat?

"Chesapeake has worked hard for 15 years to maintain that reputation and we're only in our first year," said Coach "K."

"That's being a little harsh on us because we've only been at it for a month and a half, and we're going to turn this thing around."

* Isn't North County senior C.J. Prince one of the most underrated boys basketball players in the county?

* Why can't the Arundel Wildcats boys basketball team keep their shirt tails inside their pants?

* Hasn't Lee Rogers, the former Arundel boys hoop coach, made a remarkably smooth transition to girls coach of the Wildcats?

* If you know him, you know that Arundel principal Ken Catlin is an avid Baltimore Orioles fan, but can you believe he put a banner up in the Wildcats gym in the Orioles' hues of black and orange (Arundel colors are green, black and white)?

* Did you know that the 112-pound grappler at Northeast, Matt Jewer, who posted three falls last week (two in the first period) against foes from South River, Mount Hebron and Wilde Lake, is only a freshman?

* Isn't that a great combination at North County High with Chuck Markiewicz as head wrestling coach and Tom Taylor (best known for coaching girls teams) as his assistant?

But then again don't a lot of soccer coaches say that Taylor's girls soccer and lacrosse teams are so aggressive they might as well be on the wrestling mat?

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