Rowanne Brewer, Donald Trump match not music to rocker's ears

December 28, 1990|By Nestor Aparicio | Nestor Aparicio,Evening Sun Staff

BRIAN JACK, lead singer for the popular local band Child's Play, didn't show up for the band's concert Wednesday night at the Bayou in Washington, D.C., amid speculation that he and his girlfriend of four years, Rowanne Brewer -- lately seen in the company of Donald Trump -- were trying to sort out their relationship.

According to band members, Jack, whose real name is Brian Giacubeno, hasn't returned from a holiday visit with Brewer in North Carolina. Brewer, a model, was the 1988 Miss Maryland USA.

As reported last week in a media blitz, Brewer, 26, formerly of Silver Spring, is dating Trump despite claims from Giacubeno and his family that the couple is engaged. Neither Giacubeno nor Brewer could be reached for comment, and according to band members, their whereabouts are unknown.

Meanwhile, Child's Play has canceled two concerts as a result of Giacubeno's absence and the outcome of a full weekend's bookings is hanging in the balance, including a New Year's Eve performance at Hammerjacks that was expected to earn the band in excess of $10,000.

"He didn't and hasn't called us to tell us what's going on," said drummer John Allen, who sang all but three of the band's songs Wednesday night at the Bayou performance. "This isn't the first time that he's screwed us over and I'm really not that surprised," Allen said. "When he left to see Rowanne we kind of had a feeling that something like this would happen."

Giacubeno missed a show in Philadelphia two years ago without telling the band and has been late for shows on several other occasions, according to band members. As of last night, Allen and band manager Jack Dean hadn't heard from Giacubeno since the band's nationwide tour ended Dec. 23 in New York.

Child's Play, an all-Baltimore band that has been working the rock circuit for six years, has a recording contract with Chrysalis Records and has thus far produced one album, "Rat Race."

7+ Dean said Giacubeno left from Baltimore


to see Brewer on Christmas Eve morning. "He knew he was supposed to be at the show in D.C. Wednesday night," Dean said. "We even called to North Carolina in the afternoon but he wouldn't come to the phone. The person on the other end said he was resting."

Both Allen and Dean confirmed that Giacubeno knew about Trump and Brewer several weeks ago, and that at times Giacubeno became extremely emotional on the road. They also said Brewer joined the band in November for several shows in Florida and again during the second week of December in Los Angeles.

Giacubeno's uncertain status caused the band to cancel last night's show in Pittsburgh with the band Sweet F.A., and tonight's show at Swizzles in York, Pa. Child's Play is scheduled to play in Newark, N.J., tomorrow, Ocean City on Sunday, Hammerjacks on New Year's Eve and Max's On Broadway Tuesday.

Allen said the band will likely play the Ocean City date and the two Baltimore shows, with or without its lead singer. At Wednesday's Bayou show, Honor Among Thieves vocalist Mitch Scherr, who previously worked in the band's road crew, joined Child's Play for three songs.

As for the Hammerjacks show, which could be the band's biggest concert draw yet, Allen says, "We will definitely play . . . With or without him we'll do the show. The worst case scenario is that we'll get someone to fill his place."

Hammerjacks owner Lou Principio said last night that if Giacubeno didn't return to the band for the show that he may be forced to return money to the several hundred people who bought $10 advance tickets. He also said he might drop the cover charge for the show if Giacubeno isn't there to perform.

"It would be hard to charge full price for a band that is performing without its singer," Principio said. "I don't want people to feel ripped off."

Principio, who has booked the band at Hammerjacks on numerous occasions and knows all of the band members personally, said he felt Giacubeno would show up. And he was willing to stake at least a free drink on it.

"If Brian doesn't show up I'll give a free drink to everyone that does show up," Principio said. Hammerjacks has a 1,500-person capacity.

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